Father & Son Operation

Bill Kral Sr. started this company on his own in 1996 with one rented moving truck. Since then, BK Movers now runs a fleet of 6 fully operating trucks and has 15+ professional movers working under their employment. In 2019, Billy Kral Jr. stepped into the family business & now continues to handle the day to day operations along with his father, Bill.

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Consumer’s Beware

The moving industry can turn into a tricky & sometimes malicious place. Please read the attached to make sure what ever company you choose with is safe & reliable for you!

  • Make sure you are dealing with a personal office representative & NOT a nation-wide broker.

  • Check the physical address of the company that you are looking into hiring. Not on their website? RED FLAG (Ours is 6604 Delilah Road, EHT, NJ – Come check us out anytime!)

  • Make sure you give all of your necessary information and/or inventory items to your estimator so they can properly estimate your job. (multiple settlements?, multiple trucks needed?, etc.)

  • There is no tax on moving services except for storage and materials. If you receive an estimate with added sales tax, then that is another RED FLAG.

  • Lastly, ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask some of these questions to the representative you are dealing with. You want a company you can trust!